Confined Space Rescue Training

Students will learn plans of operation, tools, manpower, and manipulation skills required to perform safe removal of victims from limited space confinement. Emphasis is placed on safety and the psychological effects of confined space rescue.

This program is designed to enhance the student’s ability to perform critical skill sets to meet the intent of NFPA 1006 Confined Space Rescue in the field of technical rescue. During this course, students will review confined space entry, resource management, and confined space challenges to accurately and safely execute the skill sets required for rescue operations. Topics include: entry requirements, entry permitting, atmospheric monitoring, personal protective equipment, rescue vs. recovery considerations, rescue strategies and tactics, resource management, access and removal considerations, hazard identification and control, rope management, rope rescue equipment identification and application, patient removal techniques and selection criteria, basic patient care, packaging, and removal, basic anchor systems, and applicable OSHA and NFPA laws and standards.